YMCA Lethbridge Childcare Announcement

For Immediate Release

YMCA Lethbridge chosen by Government of Alberta to operate new 82 space site offering $25/day child care under expanded government-funded program

LETHBRIDGE – The government has signalled its confidence in the YMCA as an experienced and trusted leader in delivering quality early learning and child care in Alberta. The province selected 29 YMCA child care centres across the province to deliver $25/day child care. This includes a new 82 space childcare centre scheduled to open in downtown Lethbridge in fall 2018, at the Lethbridge Centre building.

“The opportunity to offer affordable child care helps us create the impact we want to have in the community, particularly to advance positive child, youth and family development,” says Jennifer Petracek-Kolb, CEO YMCA Lethbridge. “We thank the province for entrusting our charity with this additional investment to support families through child care that is high quality, affordable and accessible.”

Communities, families and children across Alberta rely on and trust the YMCA to provide accessible child care services. Providing $25/day child care will result in more children becoming kindergarten-ready in our city.

The YMCA of Lethbridge will provide an appropriate application process and updated information on their website https://www.lethbridgeymca.ca/childcare.

In total, 29 YMCA child care facilities in Alberta were successful in receiving funding to become Alberta Early Learning and Child Care Centres to children and their parents/guardians.

This includes 19 successful applications by YMCA of Northern Alberta, seven through the YMCA of Calgary, two through YMCA of Medicine Hat and one through YMCA of Lethbridge.

In granting this funding to YMCAs in Alberta, the government is recognizing our collective expertise in providing developmentally appropriate and curriculum-based child care throughout the province.

Our national YMCA Playing to Learn© curriculum for children from infancy to age six marked a milestone in early learning pedagogy, establishing play as essential to school readiness and healthy social and cognitive development of all children.

The YMCAs in Alberta, and across the country, are well positioned to continue to grow and lead in the area of child care and early learning, harnessing opportunities created by growing demand and government investments.

About YMCA of Lethbridge

YMCA of Lethbridge is a charity dedicated to building healthy communities. Since 1905, the YMCA of Lethbridge has been committed to nurturing the potential of children, youth and families, promoting healthy living and fostering social responsibility within the community.


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