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Your investment in the YMCA is an investment in your community. Specifically the YMCA of Lethbridge is building a stronger future in four main areas:


A new YMCA facility in Lethbridge will support the development of Healthy Communities. A community investment of $3.5 million will enable thousands of individuals of all ages and circumstances to have the opportunity to participate in health-enriching programs and activities.


More licensed child care spaces will help many families in the community raise confident, healthy children. The YMCA of Lethbridge has committed to developing two new child care centres – one in the new ATB Centre YMCA and one in downtown Lethbridge. The YMCA requires funding for facility renovations, program equipment, furnishings, and playgrounds to bring these new child care facilities to life.

YOUTH – $250,000

Increase initiatives for youth to thrive in their lives and in their community. Increasing health, fitness and recreation opportunities and youth development programs in the new YMCA at ATB Centre and in the community will support young people in building a positive outlook and make enriching choices for their future.


A well invested endowment fund will generate ongoing interest income so that the YMCA can support annual operating costs and initiatives as we strive to improve the health of participants in spirit, mind and body. Projected community growth means that the YMCA will need to constantly reinvest in programs and services in order to support individuals and families in Lethbridge at all ages and stages and ensure community health and well being.

Your YMCA of Lethbridge

YMCA of Lethbridge is the largest charitable organization in our community that promotes wellness through recreation for people of all ages and stages. The central theme of your YMCA as a charity is to focus on strengthening communities. We do this by providing opportunities for all to grow in spirit, mind and body. More than ever this integrated approach to personal growth and community development distinguishes the YMCA from other service providers. Everyone is welcome. No one is turned away because they are unable to pay the full fee due to personal circumstances. We cannot have a strong community unless we have strong individuals and families who can contribute to the health and well being of the neighbourhoods, communities and society in which they live, work and play. Through the YMCA of Lethbridge, people are actively involved in improving their own lives and those of others. Our staff and volunteers strive to create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere in all our programs.

Mission Statement

They YMCA of Lethbridge is a community-based charity where children, youth, adults and families develop spirit, mind and body, a sense of belonging and community.

Our Vision Statement

Lethbridge is a great place to live – it is vibrant and thriving. Community and neighbours are connected. All citizens feel a sense of belonging despite their diversity or barriers. Youth are thriving, hoperful and engaged in a positive way.

Core Values

At the centre of all we do are our core values. We actively encourage our participants, staff and volunteers to embrace and demonstrate them. CARING: Building relationships and demonstrating compassion toward the needs for others HONESTY: Promote integrity and trustworthiness INCLUSIVENESS: Welcome and foster a sense of belonging for all RESPECT: Treat all persons with dignity and acceptance RESPONSIBILITY: Achieve our mission with fiscal viability

Why Do I Give?

“Why do I give to the YMCA of Lethbridge? I am so passionate about everything the Y stands for, how it strives to enhance people’s lives. I witness life-changing stories of strength, watch young leaders develop confidence and see such a diverse range of people be helped in some way at the Y. To experience the genuine energy of the staff and volunteers; it is inclusive and real; it truly is a community-focused organization. When a young boy can walk up to the CEO and say, “Hi!”… THAT is providing a place that is save and fun and it gives me goosebumps.” – Tara Lennox, YMCA Board Member and Donor

Our Progress

A goal to raise $6 million is ambitious. With help from people like you we are making progress toward this goal.

Thank you to Our Major Donors

Our campaign to build a stronger community simply would not be possible without the significant contributions of our major donors.

 Cor Van Raay

“I am proud to support this organization because the YMCA has allowed me to remain healthy for many years. I have seen firsthand how families and individuals are strengthened as a result of the work that the YMCA does.”

Is Your Investment in YMCA of Lethbridge a Wise One?

More than 6,000 people currently participate in YMCA of Lethbridge programs and services. Hundreds of them recieve some form of YMCA financial assistance because they don’t have enough money for their most basic needs and to be be healthy and engaged in the community. Your investment toward our total goal of $6 million will not only ensure that those who don’t have the resources to to participate fully in our community can do so through the YMCA. With our campaign, we will be able to double the number of people we serve and privide a wide range of opportunities for participation and connection to the community. Your YMCA story is told in the stories of all the people whose lives we impact. At the YMCA everone is welcome. We need your support to grow and become accessible to even more childre, youth, seniors and families in Lethbridge. YMCA of Lethbridge is a registered charity No. 11924 2030RR0001.

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