Operational Update – August 31, 2020

We are pleased to announce some operational changes effective August 31, 2019. The YMCA of Lethbridge has spent a month monitoring operations under our new COVID-19 restrictions. During that time, we have received member and guest feedback, reviewed operational procedures, and the City of Lethbridge passed the Temporary Mask Bylaw. We hope these changes will encourage more members and guests to return when they feel comfortable.


What’s New?


  • We are now allowing members and guests to book up to three different timeslots per day. Everyone is now allowed a maximum of one aquatic, one fitness, and one gym booking per person per day. Double booking the same category is NOT permitted.

  • When your timeslot is complete, you will be required to exit the facility. If you are attending anther programming area you will be required to re-enter and will receive your new wristband at that time.

  • We are opening the north and south parking lots for all members and guests who have a booking only. Our screening process will now take place at our front desk.

  • Members are required to show their booking confirmation email when you arrive at the scanning stations. Drop-In guests are asked to proceed to the front desk for payment and check-in.

  • All facility users are asked to show up no more than 5 minutes prior to their session start time. All lobby areas remain closed, and no gathering in these areas is permitted.

  • All facility users when registering for a time slot will be required to confirm they are symptom-free for COVID-19.

  • Change rooms/Showers are now open to all users but have limited availability. We suggest you exit your activity early if you are requiring a shower and or need to change before you leave the facility. All changerooms will be cleared between sessions to allow time for cleaning and sanitation for all time slots.

  • The City of Lethbridge Mask Bylaw is in force in all indoor public spaces, exceptions for mask removal are limited to physical activity (Fitness, Gymnasium, and Aquatics). Masks are required in change-rooms, hallways, washrooms, lobby.

  • No bags are permitted on the weight floor, aquatics deck or in the gymnasium, if no lockers are available please keep your bags in your vehicle.

  • Hallways and public spaces are NOT open to visitors, traditional sitting and gathering areas remain closed to the public. Only those with confirmed bookings will be permitted access to reach programming areas.