Register for Camp

How to Register your Child

1. Fill out the Child Information Form online or print it off. For online submissions, please email forms to

2. Complete the Medical Consent Form. If no medications are required, please put N/A across the form.

3. Complete the photo release form. If you do not agree to photos please enter the child’s name and¬†write NO across it.

4. Payment Options:

a. You can email your forms to and we will contact you for credit card information.

b. You can bring your forms in to the YMCA and pay in person.

5. Payment Plan:

If you are interested in doing a payment plan,

a. Please fill out the attached form and either email it with all of the other forms to and you will be contacted for credit card information.

b. Fill out the form and bring it into the YMCA with the other forms and pay in person.