Board of Directors

YMCA of Lethbridge Board of Directors


  • Stephen Mogdan – Chairperson
  • Jillian Chaffee – Vice Chairperson
  • Kim Ordway, Treasurer
  • Tara Lennox
  • Tom Hopkins
  • Lisa Lambert
  • Henry Brooks
  • Michelle Borbely
  • Dory Rossitor
  • Vivien Kossuth
  • Shelly Shaw
  • Roy Pogorzelski

Financial Disclosure

From time to time, the Association may secure the services of a business in which a Director may have a material interest. In such cases, in accordance with the Lethbridge YMCA’s procurement and conflict-of-interest policies, the Association will follow a specific process regarding procuring such services, and an interested Director must declare a conflict of interest and abstain from voting on the engagement or in any related discussions or decisions to avoid any problems arising from any perception of a conflict of interest. The YMCA’s policies in relation to this issue seek to balance the needs of the Association (including transparency and fair dealing) with the benefits accruing to any Director in such a situation, while at the same time allowing the Association to draw upon the skills and experience of its Directors.

Currently, the Association is engaged with two organizations in which individual Directors have a material interest. In fiscal 2016/2017 the total payments to these organizations were $5,400 . Services rendered were for legal services.

Any questions regarding specifics of these engagements should be directed to YMCA of Lethbridge CEO, Jennifer Petracek-Kolb, at

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