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Why donate?

There are many ways you can help someone by giving to the YMCA. Your donation will benefit your whole community. Research shows that when people feel a sense of belonging, their health improves physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. And our communities benefit too! There’s less illness, violence and inequality and more giving and happiness.

That’s why for over 110 years the YMCA has created a community where children, teens and adults can come together to get the support they need to be healthier in spirit, mind and body. Through our financial assistance program, everyone can access the YMCA regardless of their ability to pay the fee.

You can help reverse the trends of chronic disease, childhood obesity, social isolation and remove barriers to health for people within our community and across the country.

Lend your support by making a gift today to your YMCA.

What Is Strong Kids?

YMCA Strong Kids is an annual fundraising campaign to raise resources to support proven YMCA programs and services that give children, youth, adults and families the opportunities they need to reach their full potential. Our goal is to help everyone live healthier, happier lives today, and build stronger communities for the future.

You may wonder how your individual gift could have an impact. The YMCA Strong Kids Campaign helps one person at a time, one family at a time and one program at a time, to make a huge impact on overall community wellness.

100% of your donation goes directly to children, youth, adults and families so they can belong, grow, thrive, and lead, supporting people who are otherwise financially unable to take part in important physical activity and developmental programs.

Your Strong Kids donations allow everyone in our community to have equal opportunity to participate in our programs, services and memberships – no one is turned away!

Where Do Strong Kids Donations Go?
YMCA Membership Assistance
Our Assisted Membership options offer the chance for individuals and families to experience the YMCA at a rate that fits their needs and budget. Through your charitable donations, fundraising, and government grants, the YMCA of Lethbridge can offer financial assistance so that anyone in our community can participate in YMCA programs.

YMCA Program Initiatives
A vibrant, healthy community offers opportunities for everyone. For the YMCA, that often means stepping forward with a new program or service to address specific and unique needs in our community. It may also mean reaching out, beyond our walls to deliver programs where they are needed most.

YMCA Greatest Needs
Communities are important to us. As our province grows and changes, so do the needs of our communities. To meet these growing needs, the YMCA must continue to invest in areas where needs are the greatest: quality child care, health and recreation, active living, employment, and community development.

Meet Carmen Sterba
An Assisted Membership Story

Carmen Sterba is a single mother and long time member of our community. She loves baking delicious meals and getting outdoors for some camping whenever she gets the chance.

In 2004 her life and routine were changed when she suffered a stroke. Her son, Dre, was only 6 at the time. It dealt a major blow to her confidence in her abilities, and she became withdrawn.

The YMCA post stroke program called F.A.S.T helped Carmen tremendously. It enabled her to connect with other people who have suffered from strokes. The program helped show her how to get up off the ground, and granted guidance with exercise routines that allowed her to regain some mobility. Working in tandem with the Y’s assisted membership program sent her on the fast track to recovery. She is doing much better now, thanks to the love and support from the YMCA, her family, friends and community.

“When I first started with the Y after my stroke, just getting over a curb was a huge struggle for me. Now I can actually walk across the street to get my mail because the Y has given me the confidence and the ability!” Carmen says the impact of our Assisted Membership Program has been insurmountable. After her stroke she was barely able to do 5 minutes of cardio, but with support and guidance can now spend a full 60 minutes on the bike, with no signs of slowing down. When Carmen runs into people she hasn’t seen for a while, they are always shocked to see the progress. She appreciates the support the staff at the Y had given her over the years.

During her recovery her son was able to keep busy at the YMCA Day Camps, with his costs covered completely by the YMCA Financial Assistance Program. Carmen was happy he had a safe place to have fun in the same building together while she focused on getting better.

“The Assisted Membership program has been absolutely life changing. Because of the support I’ve had from the Y, I’ve gained a great deal of independence that I wouldn’t otherwise have. I’m able to leave the house and feel safe, happy and proud. I was able to get down on the floor and play Lego with son. Being able to manage my pain has allowed me to do things that I previously was unable to.”

To learn more about how your support impacts the community, Download our Case for Support Document

What Is Planned Giving?

A planned gift (or planned giving) is also referred to as legacy giving. It is a donor’s intention to contribute a gift to an organization, beyond their lifetime. Donors make arrangements for planned gifts in the present, but the gifts are distributed out at a later date. Gifts contributed by a donor can be made as a part of their financial or estate plans. Planned gifts are made to ensure your best interests, as well as those of your family and the charity, are kept in mind.

What Is The YMCA Of Lethbridge Legacy Campaign?
Leaving a planned gift to the YMCA of Lethbridge Legacy Campaign helps ensure that our values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and inclusion endure, and that YMCA programs and services will positively impact our community for generations to come. You can make a better tomorrow for children, youth and families – especially those in need.

As a supporter of the Y, we know that you share our hopes that the YMCA of Lethbridge will continue to be a strong, positive force in our community for generations to come. A planned gift to the YMCA of Lethbridge’s Legacy Campaign ensures your personal legacy and supports the YMCA’s mission.

Where Do Planned Giving Donations Go?
Your gift will help to eliminate financial barriers and provide as many people as possible with Y programs and services that help make life healthier and happier. Your gift will help us identify and aide those people that would benefit most from the programs that we offer.

Peace Of Mind
The YMCA of Lethbridge was accredited by Imagine Canada in 2017. As an accredited organization, each year we must demonstrate that we are abiding by the standards established as they relate to donor relations, funds development and board governance. These standards include the YMCA adhering to strict guidelines on how donor funds are accepted and ethically used.

Contact our Director of  Funds Development,
Pam Haapa-aho

Or call: 403-942-5762

Len & Bev Herring

Len and Bev were both born in Lethbridge and raised in Southern Alberta. They have lived a very active life, hiking many trails in the beautiful Alberta & BC mountains, and parks throughout the western US.

For years Len jogged around Lethbridge with a group from the Y. He completed 1 marathon in St. George, Utah in 1994 and the inaugural Grand Fondo bike race from Vancouver to Whistler in 2011. Now he can be seen biking through the coulees and around the city. Bev makes good use of the many walking trails in the Paradise Canyon area and the coulees.

Travel has been important to the Herrings, and they’ve been able to cruise around much of the world. Highlights of their travels would include Safaris in Botswana and South Africa, the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu and Carnaval in Rio.

Len and Bev have been active volunteers for all the professional golf tournaments in Maui and Phoenix, but the LPGA holds a special place in their hearts. After some 30 years, Len retired as chair of TV coverage and Bev as volunteer coordinator for the Phoenix LPGA.

“The Lethbridge YMCA has been an integral part of our lives for many years. Many friendships have been forged with other members and new friends are made as the membership changes. We have seen how important the Y is to the development of young children and teenagers. The fact that anyone can take part in Y programs was important to us. We were excited about the chance to be a part of the new building and sensed that our donation would benefit any Lethbridge citizens who choose to take advantage of the beautiful new facility”.

View Our Planned Giving Legacy Document
What Is Our Community Campaign?

As the community grows, the need for our services grows and the YMCA must increase its efforts to build healthy communities. Working with governments, partners and stakeholders, the Community Campaign will allow the YMCA to reinvest in existing initiatives and create new opportunities that improve the overall health of community members.

Where Do Community Campaign Donations Go?
Health And Wellness
A community investment will enable thousands of individuals of all ages and circumstances to have the opportunity to participate in health enriching programs and activities.

Community Early Learning And Child Care
Licensed child care facilities will help many families in the community raise confident kids. The YMCA of Lethbridge has committed to developing and maintaining child care centres to help families in need. The YMCA requires funding for facility renovations, program equipment, furnishings, and playgrounds to bring the new child care facilities to life.

Youth Support
Increasing health, fitness and recreation opportunities and youth development programs in the new YMCA at ATB Centre and in the community will support young people in building a positive outlook and make enriching choices for their future.

Program Endowment Fund
A well invested endowment fund will generate ongoing interest income so that the YMCA can support annual operating costs and initiatives as we strive to improve the health of participants in mind, spirit and body.

Cor Van Raay
Local Philanthropist and YMCA Member

The YMCA of Lethbridge received its largest gift in history in 2017. Cor Van Raay’s generous donation of $3.75 million provides ongoing tremendous health and wellness opportunities to the community of Lethbridge.

“I am proud to support this organization because the YMCA has allowed me to remain healthy for many years. I have seen firsthand how families and individuals are strengthened as a result of the work that the YMCA does.”

Access our Capital Campaign Documents

Naming opportunities are available within the Cor Van Raay YMCA at ATB Centre. Please contact Pam at:
[email protected] to learn more!