Why donate?

We’re here for our community.
The YMCA of Lethbridge has been a community serving charity since 1905. Together, we’ve helped people grow and thrive despite economic uncertainty, world wars and global pandemics. It’s at times like these that we remain deeply committed to doing what we do best: creating communities where everyone can connect, belong, and thrive in Southern Alberta.

While we can’t predict the future, we know that with your help, we’ll be able to serve our community in the ways they need it most while everyone gets back on their feet. The Y has been and will continue to be there to help families, children, individuals, and communities grow stronger and more resilient than ever.

We strive to create vibrant and healthy communities where everyone belongs and has equal opportunity to reach their full potential. However, there are formidable challenges to achieving this goal.

When you make a gift to the YMCA, you give us the opportunity to provide support where it has the greatest impact in your community.

Be the difference for people in your community and give today.

3 Ways to Give

Making a donation with the YMCA of Lethbridge can be done in one of three ways. Learn more about our campaigns by clicking on its image below:

Shape Your Future Campaign

Make a one-time donation or recurring monthly payment towards our annual fundraising campaign.

Legacy Campaign

Leaving a planned gift will positively impact our community for generations to come. You can make a better tomorrow for those in need.

Endowment Funds

Contact the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwest Alberta for your options on YMCA of Lethbridge endowment funds that are administered through them.