Personal trainers that to fit your lifestyle.
Our nationally certified Personal Trainers are dedicated to helping you realize your potential.

We go above and beyond just offering you a challenging workout. We teach you how to exercise effectively and safely to achieve your fitness goals, rehabilitate injuries or become a new you with a detailed training program. You will love our energy and commitment to making fitness a rewarding and successful experience.

What a Personal Trainer can do for you:
  • Define your personal goals
  • Develop a customized fitness plan
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Improve your well-being and reduce stress
  • Increase your energy, mobility, and strength
  • Provide motivation and accountability
  • Take your fitness to the next level
  • Achieve results!

Virtual Personal Training

Want help to reach your wellness goals while working out from home? We now offer live, one-on-one Virtual Personal Training right in the comfort, safety and privacy of your home or wherever you have WIFI.

One-on-One Training

Meet 1 on 1 with a YMCA Certified Personal Trainer and work together to meet your goals in a controlled and safe environment. Your trainer will work with you to assess your needs and monitor your progress as you continue to improve.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

With a wide range of skills, backgrounds and certifications, each of our trainers offers a unique and effective approach at helping you reach your fitness goals.
We’ll work together to guide you along your path to success.

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Shayna Trockstad

Shayna’s Specialties:

Confidence, mind-body connection, personal barriers, personal goal fulfillment.

Shayna’s personal interest in health and wellness was the catalyst to her pursuing a diploma in Exercise Science. Her passion for personal training and group fitness has only grown from there and she is continuously expanding her knowledge of exercises and training methods. She enjoys a variety of styles with her favourite being TRX Suspension Training.

If you are new to fitness or a senior who is interested in gentle fitness, then Shayna’s experience and expertise can provide you with the tools needed to improve your health. Her clients leave our fitness centre feeling rejuvenated and more energetic than when they walked through the door.

Certifications and Education

  • CSEP-CPT (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology – Certified Personal Trainer)
  • Exercise Science Diploma
  • YMCA Aerobic Group Fitness Certification
  • TRX-STC (TRX Suspension Training Certification)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Candidate (August 2021)
  • YMCA Cardio Instructor Certification (in progress)
  • YMCA Cycle Instructor Certification (in progress)


  • Introduction to Fitness (beginner fitness)
  • Gentle Fitness (senior fitness)
  • Active Living
  • Client Centeredness
Charles Sciortino

Charles’ Specialties:

Pushing the limits, versatility, time-efficient routines, physical strength and motivation.

Charles was inspired to start his physical fitness journey in college after noticing health problems that were beginning to afflict his parents. Following a healthier path, Charles developed a passion for fitness and body building. He works hard to keep up his fitness routine so that he can maintain his strength each passing year.

If you are interested in learning how to create solid fitness foundation to live a strong and healthy life, then working with Charles will help you improve your strength, energy, confidence, and motivation.

Certifications and Education

  • CanFit Pro: Personal Training Specialist (2010)
  • 2018 NPAA Men’s Masters Bodybuilding 2nd place
  • 2018 NPAA Men’s Novice Bodybuilding 3rd place
  • YMCA Cardio Instructor Certification (in progress)
  • YMCA Cycle Instructor Certification (in progress)


  • Old school bodybuilding with a modern twist. Using various training styles to get you to your goals
  • TABATA with a muscular endurance focus
  • Will easily adapt to your needs and help you get the very most out of your sessions
Olea Taboulchanas

Olea’s Specialties:

Range of motion, balance, flexibility, strength, rehabilitation and injury recovery.

Olea has been teaching athletes of various ages and abilities for over 20 years. These experiences have taught her the importance of a balance body. She works hard to help her clients learn how to heal their bodies by using stretching, correct form and posture. She believes in the power of a positive spirit and loves to help her clients strive for greatness and have fun in the process.

If you are interested in developing healthy habits and lifestyle, learning various workout techniques, increasing your posture and strengthen your core, or rehabilitate an injury, all while working with an experienced and versatile trainer, then Olea will be the perfect fit for you.

  • CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer
  • Advanced coaching diploma through the Canadian Sports Institute
  • Zumba License
  • Barre Teaching Certificate (Merrithew Pilates Centre)
  • AFLCA and YMCA Cycle designation
  • YMCA Aquafit Instructor
  • Team Alberta Special Olympics Coach for 2020 nationals
  • Winner of the South Region Volunteer Coach of The Year award
  • National (level 3 certified) chartered coach for figure skating with a level 4 (international) in choreography
  • YMCA Cardio Instructor Certification (in progress)
  • YMCA Cycle Instructor Certification (in progress)


  • Assist with injury rehabilitation
  • Coaching on how to balance the body
  • Advanced coaching
  • Ability to work with people of all ages and abilities
Maren Anderson

Maren’s Specialties:

Strength, cardio, and flexibility, stress management, motivation and quality of life.

Maren has an extensive background working with seniors, individuals with disabilities, and teaching group fitness classes. She will help you achieve your goals by assessing and considering multiple avenues of health, including physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and relational.

If you are interested in increasing your quality of life, supporting realistic and long-term goals, and adapting to a better lifestyle, then Maren’s coaching will help you succeed.

Certifications and Education

  • BSC in Kinesiology
  • CSEP-CPT (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology – Certified Personal Trainer)
  • YMCA Aquafit Instructor
  • YMCA Cardio Instructor Certification (in progress)
  • YMCA Cycle Instructor Certification (in progress)


  • Helping you develop a better lifestyle that fulfills your ultimate potential
  • Gentle Fitness
  • Active Living
Alex Hutton

Alex’ Specialties:

Strength and muscle training, mobility, weight loss and nutrition.

Working as a personal trainer for the last six years has given Alex the honour of training with hundreds of clients. He has had the privilege to work alongside and witness individuals achieve their goals in some form or another and loves witnessing the joy one feels when you reach a personal goal you never thought possible.

If you are interested in working with a trainer who will focus to keep you motivated, hold you accountable, or if you are simply interested in building relationships on the fitness floor, then Alex will help you on that quest.

Certifications and Education

  • CanFit Pro Personal Training
  • YMCA Aquafit Instructor
  • YMCA Cardio Instructor Certification (in progress)
  • YMCA Cycle Instructor Certification (in progress)
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (University of Lethbridge)


  • Strength training
  • Weight loss
  • Mobility
  • Nutrition guidance
Sean Cassidy

Sean’s Specialties:

Intro olympic weightlifting, weightlifting technique, strength, speed and mobility.

Our fitness manager Sean is an Olympic Weightlifting Club Coach who has had the opportunity to work with many amazing athletes, clients, and fellow fitness professionals over the last decade. He believes that the mind and body must work together achieve your goals and that strong habits build toward a larger success.

If you are interested in Olympic weightlifting, then Sean will support you with his expertise, experience, and can-do attitude.


  • Certified Olympic Weightlifting Club Coach – NCCP Level 1
  • Masters Provincial Champion 2020
  • Coaches athletes from local to international level competitions
  • YMCA Cardio Instructor Certification (in progress)
  • YMCA Cycle Instructor Certification (in progress)


  • Strength development
  • Olympic weightlifting technical progression
  • Barbell workout


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