FlowRider Rental

FlowRider Rental

Surfing in Alberta? You’ve come to the right place!

Our FlowRider allows participants to surf standing up or laying down on their stomach. For those starting out we will show you how to get onto the board, steer and provide helpful tips.

Rental Information:

  • Rental Price includes groups of 1-10 Participants
  • To increase your rental up to 20 participants, a charge of $20.00/participant will be added.
  • Upon rental registration an email will be sent, please fill out the corresponding form.

Have Questions? Email Us At [email protected]

In order to receive member pricing, the membership must remain in effect for the duration of the program.  Should the participant cancel their membership prior to the end of the program, the YMCA of Lethbridge requires the participant to pay the difference between the member and the non-member pricing to continue in the program.