#slowyourroll Campaign

Where it All Began

In response to the fatal tragedy involving 10 year old Charles McIntyre, local realtor Chris DiPasquale, founded the #slowyourroll campaign in 2020 to get drivers to slow down, drive safely, and be aware of children playing. Chris designed and distributed lawn signs, shirts, hats, and decals for donations to support the Mindful Munchies program at the Lethbridge Food Bank. After connecting with the family, a green heart was added in memory of Charles.

With the challenges of COVID restrictions, the campaign did not receive the time needed to continue its success in 2022. You could help revitalize this campaign for 2023!

Revitalizing #slowyourroll Campaign for 2023

This year the McIntyre Family, Chris DiPasquale, and the YMCA are joining together to revitalize #slowyourroll so that Charles’s memory continues forever in our community.

Not only is this campaign about slowing down and watching for children, but  also about slowing down in life itself, being present, enjoying every moment.

The McIntyre Family established the Charles McIntyre Fund at the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta. The yearly proceeds from this fund will support youth in our community through YMCA programs forever in Charles’s name.

Our goal this year is to raise over $10,000 to fully establish the fund to allow the start of annual contributions starting in 2024.

Visit the #slowyourroll social accounts here!

Three Ways to Support the #Slowyourroll Campaign

Donate to the Charles McIntyre Fund

Donate Directly to the Charles McIntyre Fund, managed by the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta. Cheques are preferred, by mailing to 1202 2 Ave S #50, Lethbridge, AB T1J 0E3 or contact Heather McIntyre at 403-715-9707 and she will come and pick up!

To donate online, visit the link through the button below.

*Please Make Cheques Payable to Community Foundation with a Memo of Charles McIntyre Fund.

#slowyourroll Lawn Signs & Merch

If you are interested in ordering merchandise please visit the #slowyourroll facebook page and send a message or send an email to Chris at [email protected] 

Donate Your
Bottles & Cans

Donate your cans and bottles to the campaign! Drop off at any bottle depot location in Lethbridge and let them know that you would like to donate the deposit to the Charles McIntyre Fund, or #slowyourroll campaign.

*If you wish to support the Charles McIntyre Fund and receive a charitable tax receipt - the way to achieve this is by donating directly to the Charles McIntyre fund. We are not able to issue charitable (donation) tax receipts for purchase of merchandise.

Story ♥

On April 13, 2020 a local boy was struck by a car exiting Crossings Business Centre parking lot and tragically lost his life from his injuries, leaving his family devastated and the community heartbroken.

Charles McIntyre (pictured on the right) was a 10-year-old boy in grade 5 at Coalbanks Elementary School who loved life, family, and friends. His passions were robotics, gaming, bike riding, and going to the YMCA with his younger brother Simon. We fondly remember Charles in our summer camp programs, surfing on the Flow Rider, relaxing in the hot tub, playing in the gymnasium, and hanging out in the Rec Room. Charles’s smile and inviting personality made an impact on everyone around him. People were drawn to him – staff, peers, or strangers – he was the kid you wanted to get to know.

Message From Lee McIntyre (Charles's Father)

#slowyourroll to me is an amazing campaign that really shines a light on how much of a hurry we are in as a society. The moment I saw the first sign on a lawn, I was super happy to get involved with Chris and start handing out signs. Slow your roll to me is more than driving, it is also slowing down in life and taking the time to appreciate the small things. After losing Charles it is the little things that mattered the most to me – watching movies together, playing at the YMCA and working in the yard and garage together. We hope people will see the signs in the community, go home, and spend a few extra minutes with the people they love

Thank you to our supporters!