The movement starts with you.

Your donations help us deliver programs that improve health, reduce social isolation, and inspire hope for members of our community.

Access to Opportunity Community Health Wellness

The YMCA’s annual fundraising campaign, Shape Your Future, is focused on raising much needed resources that help kids, youth, adults, and seniors get access to all YMCA community programs.

The world is not an equal place for everyone.

For many people in our community, sending their kids to camp, or registering them for basketball, swimming lessons, daycare, or after-school programs is not an option. And without opportunities to participate in programs, youth, adults, and seniors can find themselves isolated and inactive, leading to a decrease in physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

This is where the YMCA helps.

At the YMCA, people come as they are, with what they have, and simply belong. Our goal is to eliminate barriers and provide as many people as possible with access to YMCA programs and services that help make life happier and healthier.

The YMCA is about equal access for ALL. With your help, we can eliminate barriers to participation so everyone can belong.
No Barriers. Equal Access. Opportunity for All.

Every year a goal for the YMCA Shape Your Future Campaign is set to reach financial needs of the community, and your donations help us reach those goals.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.

  • When families play together, everyone thrives.
  • When kids are active, they do better academically.
  • When seniors remain active and social, they are happier.
  • When teens get leadership opportunities, they are more confident
  • When adults are active, they have less stress.
  • When every person has a place to belong, the whole community is stronger.

Looking for more information about this campaign?
Connect with our Director of Fund Development, Pam Haapa-aho at:
[email protected] or 403-942-5762