Swim for
[Y]our Safety

A swim-a-thon geared towards drowning prevention awareness | July 25th, 2024

Help keep our swimmers safe.

Swim for [Y]our Safety is a swim-a-thon designed to raise money for Shape [Y]our Future and spread awareness about drowning prevention. Our mission is to make water safety a priority and reduce the number of drowning incidents.

Date: Thursday, July 25th

Location: Cor Van Raay YMCA Aquatics Centre

How to get involved


Participate in the Swimathon by swimming laps and raising pledges.

Support a Swimmer

Sponsor someone who is swimming at the event.

Support a Staff Member

YMCA employees will be wearing life jackets that they get to remove once they raise $100.


Contribute any amount you desire to help prevent drowning incidents.

Get Started

Contact us through the button below to get involved in this event!