Drop In Fitness

Abs, Core and More






This class will help you develop full body muscle strength and tone using a variety of fitness equipment and exercises. Our instructors will ensure you are progressing safely and reaching personal goals along the way.
Everyone welcome.



After Work Express

This class will get you moving after a day of work or being in the office. You will get a balance of both cardio and strength in a variety of class styles.



Bars and Plates

This class uses adjustable, weighted bars to perform full body exercises slowly and carefully. Our instructors will help you choose the appropriate weight for each exercise to ensure safety and success.




Benches and Bars


This class combines step benches with weight bars to give you a cardio and muscular workout for your whole body. Choose your intensity level and reach your personal goals.


Cardio Blast

Cardio Blast is a blast!

Cardio Step

This class is a choreographed workout using step benches to add intensity. Music based combinations will motivate you to challenge yourself and reach your goals.
Everyone welcome.



Cycle Fit

YMCA CycleFit

This class uses adjustable stationary bikes and a combination of drills to guide and coach you to maximize your cardiovascular workout. Our instructors will help you set up your bike, pick appropriate intensity levels and motivate you to success.
Everyone welcome.



This class combines cardio, muscular strength and endurance, power, agility and core challenges to push you to your personal fitness level and beyond. Our instructors will keep you motivated and safe so that you feel successful.
Everyone welcome.


Muscle Tone

This class incorporates something new every class into your total body strength and toning regime! Using a variety of resistance methods you will hit every major muscle in this fun and exciting atmosphere. All members welcome.


Performance Training

Whether you are training for individual sport or combine competition in cycling, running and/or swimming, you can develop your skills and the strength you need to succeed.



Power Walking

This class is a non-choreographed class that challenges you through a variety of walking-like movements. Everyone can work at their own fitness level and modify as needed.


SNRGY 360 Circuit


This class utilizes the Synergy machine and additional equipment to give you a complete circuit workout. Move through stations at your own pace and fitness level to build up your cardio and strength and challenge you to reach your personal goals.



This class challenges you to complete four minutes of an exercise using a 20 second work / 10 second rest format. The instructor will coach you through the class to make you feel safe and successful. Everyone welcome.



During this class participants will use their own body weight to challenge muscular strength and endurance. Straps are suspended from the ceiling to provide a larger range of motion and incorporate core work. This is a multi-level workout based on your personal level. Everyone welcome.


Turn and Burn

This class combines stationary bikes with resistance exercises to give you both cardio and muscular workouts. Everyone can work at their own fitness level and our instructors will ensure you are challenged and motivated.


This class helps you relax and connect with your mind and body. Using familiar yoga poses, you can improve your balance, strength and flexibility while reducing stress and anxiety.  Instructors will help you progress while you reach your goals.
Everyone welcome.




Party yourself into shape. This Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning dance is great for everyone and every level of fitness! First come, first serve.