Swim Lessons and Clubs

Swim Lessons

Your child is a part of a bigger picture – your family and your community. Your child benefits from YMCA staff and volunteers getting to know the full picture of the child to minimize barriers and give meaningful support.

  • Your child builds relationships with YMCA staff and volunteers that place Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility as the cornerstones of all interactions.
  • Your child’s opinions and contributions are valued.
  • Your child is treated as an active participant in their own learning.
  • Your child has meaningful opportunities to help others and to participate in community building.
  • Your child’s right to make choices for themselves are respected and encouraged.

What does your child do in YMCA swimming lessons?

  • Your child meets new people and builds relationships with peers, and supportive caring young people and adults. Your child learns and plays. Your child improves his or her health in spirit, mind and body.

What is YMCA Swim Instruction (YSI) lessons? Learning is done through strength-based progression. A system that acknowledges and embraces different learning styles to create positive outcomes not just only just for your child, but the other participants as well. Our instructors teach the three principles of play, health, and relationship building, supported by the six frameworks of developmental assets, YMCA values, harm reduction, transtheoretical model of change, developmentally appropriate learning, and the determinants of health.